Rock Ball!

King of The Rock

Since she was a pup, Lillie Mae has loved to climb up on things. When she first saw "The Rock" she ran right to it, and up she flew!

This afternoon we played a game of catch the ball while you are on top of the rock, without falling off afterward. She did pretty well!

Fading Fast

Gemlike Wet Snow
Where Did It Go?

Poor Lillie Mae! Her first snow ever, and it is already melting away...

Sunday Afternoon Hijinx

New Hair Style
Ball Hog
Russian Peasant Woman
Russian Peasant Woman
Its All Good
Its All Good

The sun finally came out for a bit, and postponed yard work was underway. For a while, at least.

Then Cherie came to her senses and went shopping, and Chloe went to sleep...

Another MF Experiment

Lils nearing Lunchtime

A test with my other manual focus lens, an old Pentax 50mm 1.4 Super Takumar, which had been gathering dust (not really - well protected) in a camera bag upstairs. Actually forgot I had these two.

This lens is much harder to work with, due to the focal length and the wide aperture. A really long focus throw, perhaps too loose after all these years. But when you nail it - I was focussing on her left eye - the results are very nice. The Fuji X Pro1 sensor is almost perfect for these 1950s era lenses...

Morning Routine Minus One

Lils, Chloe, and No Neighbor Dog

A foggy morning, warm for January, and another trek to the newspapers while tossing frisbee. This time I continued my experiments with the Nikon manual focus lens — looks pretty sharp to me.

For some reason Ellie the neighbor dog did not show up this morning. Maybe she has a spa appointment. So it was just the three of us, awaiting the Queen's return from Miami.

Gift Exchange 2012

The Dogs Got Gifts Too!

My lovely wife and I exchanged gifts this morning, as she is flying out to Missouri later today. (Update: she just arrived in Columbia.) 2012 is "The Year of Technology" for our home, as we gave and received some pretty spiffy gadgets this year. Cherie got a new camera, new Fitbit and some sweaters, while I received a Vitamix. Smoothies coming up!