A soft life!

It is hard to believe that almost 17 years have passed since we moved to the "big house" on Licking Creek fishing pond. There have been many changes since Hurricane Floyd and the wind-swept, rain-soaked transport to our new home. We learned about propane tanks, irrigation systems, septic tanks, security systems, riding lawn mowers, weed wackers, snakes, deer, rabbits, beaver, voles, eagles, hawks, heron, geese, swan, and ducks. And golden retrievers and border collies, of course.

While much has changed, much about our home, and our lives remains unchanged. We still like to garden (on a much grander scale here) we like to play golf, the movies, classical music, a good book, fine wine, and home cooking — preferably French. We don't travel as much, but take a look at where we live and you can see why. We have been married 25 years, and we are pretty much getting used to each other! While we have had great times here, more importantly, we feel that where we live has grounded us, defined us (although we may not admit it), and, finally, brought us home. Home to Copperpenny Court.

This web site is simply a collection of our adventures, as captured by my modest photography and words. Probably more for us than for you, but if you enjoy the pictures half as much as we enjoyed living the, it is a good thing after all.