A Missouri Gentleman in Virginia

20130808_untitled_1184 copy Cherie and I were delighted with the recent visit by Master Alex Schrimpf, of the Jefferson City Schrimpfs. Alex is a Rising Junior, and wanted to visit candidate universities in our area. Trips to University of Virginia and University of Richmond were arranged, along with visits to Charlottesville, Monticello, and favorite dining along the way.

Certainly any trip to Copperpenny Court would not be complete without a round of golf, in which Alex, though hampered with unfamiliar clubs, acquitted himself admirably. Much downtime with Chloe and Daisy was also featured, and, hard to believe, was that a tear in Chloe's eye when young Alex packed his bags to return?

We really enjoyed his visit and hope for a return next year, perhaps accompanied by his rapscallion younger brother. Good luck in school this year Alex! Remember what the tour guides said!!!