Fall Arrives

Nikon 85mm 1.4 AI-sNikon 85mm 1.4 AI-s

Summer ended yesterday, and the weather has been cool, sunny, and glorious. The ground still wet from Saturday's storms. This is outdoor weather: golf, gardening, photography, and getting chores done. And the dogs are loving it!

Certainly for many this is back to school season. The yellow busses are making their way throughout the neighborhoods and roadways, early morning and mid-afternoon, and children's backpacks, tennis shoes, and jeans are popping up all over. The new Fall television season is upon us, and, for me, some of the best literary fiction is hitting the shelves. Time to get serious about cooking again.

And so another year at Copperpenny Court begins to wind down. However, there are still some highlights ahead: for us, a trip to New York City, my birthplace. And we expect guests for Thanksgiving! Finally, niece Darcy is going to have another little boy very shortly. I am lobbying for the name to be David natürlich, but I think it is a lost cause...