Birthday Week Begins!

Make A Wish!

Smack on the heels of Christmas comes Cherie's birthday. Well, it happens every year, doesn't it? Of course some of us are very keen to make it a special day for a special person, despite the lingering traces of Christmas festivities.

This year your humble chef prepared prime rib (from Belmont Butchery), twice baked potatoes, and green beans. This was succeeded by the traditional ice cream cake, and the traditional full candle regalia, complete with multiple blow-outs. Certainly there were gifts, including jewelry, sweaters, skirts, pants, and, most cherished to be sure, a new sand wedge.

The festivities were enjoyed by all. Even The Neighbor Dog stopped by for some prime rib and a piece of cake. Icing was deposited on dog's noses for great fun!

Disclaimer: no references to actual age at time of birthday were implied, nor are these comments solicited by readers of this post.