Blueberry Bonanza!

Is this one big enough?

When blueberries come into season, Cherie has an internal alarm clock that goes off. And the message is: corral David and let's go to the blueberry patch! We get a bucket each,walk down the rows of blueberries and sadistic insects (who, for some reason, only go after David) and spend the next hour or two in oppressive heat to pick about $1.49 worth of blueberries. David would just as soon buy the bulk packages at the check-in. Or, better yet, at the Fresh Market. Now, if we can get home in time for the afternoon siesta....

Kidding aside, we usually get about a year's supply of fresh blueberries, which Cherie freezes in two-cup packs. Just enough for a serving of the famous blueberry sauce!