25th Anniversary Where It All Started

The Homestead has been around for 250 years, we've been married for 25 of them.

Older, wiser, and still together...

Back in the famous chair

On April 27th we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, and decided to return to The Homestead, where we were married. So, on June 7 we drove to Hot Springs, VA for a mid-week visit with the grand old lady. As always when we return to the Homestead, we stayed in our old room, home of Cherie's favorite chair, and a wonderful view.

We played golf at the Old Course and The Cascades, took many photographs, enjoyed a variety of spa treatments, and, for Cherie, some well deserved relaxation. So — a celebration, a refueling, exercise, and reminiscence. The Homestead never lets us down. We hope we don't let The Homestead down, either.